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Anthony Fleming Productions.



At the house I film on a Sony NX-3 camera. I also carry a back-up Sony PXW-X70 and a Sony AX2000.

Whatever happens, I have it covered.

The cameras are excellent in low light but just in case I carry on camera lighting in the bag. 

Arriving at the church I set up two digital sound recorders, one for the ceremony and one for the groom's lapel.

I use four to six cameras in the church and being able to switch to different angles gives the film a professional look. Most of these are inconspicuous and I control them by remote control.

One camera films the ceremony, two for the bride and groom and one for alternate angles of the ceremony and the congregation. One at the back and one on the balcony. These other cameras are small and discreet.

Overall the effect is to give a great sound and varied look to the ceremony.

There are no gaps while I move the main camera around. I have a wireless transmitter for the groom to ensure the vows are heard clearly in the recording.

For the speeches and the band I have a wireless transmitter and receiver which gives crystal clear sound on the recording of the reception.




I carry a Nikon D750 and a Nikon D600 I carry a back-up of a Nikon D7000. I also bring off camera and on camera flash in case it's needed.


DJ Equipment:


Sound is very important as most modern wedding bands will have a good sound system. The last thing you want is a DJ arriving with two tinny speakers. For the DJ section I bring two to four sets of FBT vertus sound systems depending on the number of guests. 4 Lights, 2 lasers and a coulour wash add to the atmosphere in the room for the disco. A vast collection of music will ensure that whatever your taste, I will cater for it. I also bring a radio mic and in the event of a few singers at the wedding, I have a large karaoke collection (just in case you'd like someone to sing a song). Karaoke is not the norm and I don't announce it but the option is there if you wish.